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......@@ -53,9 +53,10 @@ page_sections:
alt_text: Customize Blocks
- template: 1-column-text
block: one-column-1
headline: Column 1
content: Danish gummi bears donut dessert apple pie halvah pudding cupcake. Soufflé
cake wafer tiramisu cake. Jujubes cheesecake cotton candy.
headline: 16 Fully Responsive Design Blocks
content: "The Design Blocks can be used without Forestry but to harness the power
of Blocks we recommend using Forestry. Once the site is imported you can immediately
create new sites and make them fully customizable. \U0001F447"
- template: full-width-media-element
block: media-1
image: "/uploads/2018/06/21/drone-photo.jpeg"
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