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Merge pull request #10 from privacybydesign/add-new-faq-entries

Add new FAQ questions to index
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......@@ -129,6 +129,24 @@ page_sections:
answer: faq.item15.answer
- question: faq.item16.question
answer: faq.item16.answer
- question: faq.item17.question
answer: faq.item17.answer
- question: faq.item18.question
answer: faq.item18.answer
- question: faq.item19.question
answer: faq.item19.answer
- question: faq.item20.question
answer: faq.item20.answer
- question: faq.item21.question
answer: faq.item21.answer
- question: faq.item22.question
answer: faq.item22.answer
- question: faq.item23.question
answer: faq.item23.answer
- question: faq.item24.question
answer: faq.item24.answer
- question: faq.item25.question
answer: faq.item25.answer
- template: irma-footer
block: irma-footer
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