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......@@ -61,18 +61,17 @@ page_sections:
block: media-1
image: "/uploads/2018/06/21/theme.png"
caption: All Available Blocks
- template: text-1
- template: detail-content
block: text-1
headline: Steps to Build a Site!
content: <p>uBuild is an open-source Jekyll based theme that doubles as a builder
tool inside the Forestry content manager. It's easy to get started!</p><ol><li><p>Fork
the&nbsp;<a href="">repo</a>&nbsp;and
import the site into&nbsp;<a href="">Forestry</a>&nbsp;(or
use&nbsp;<a href="">our
the <a href="">repo</a> and import
the site into <a href="">Forestry</a> (or use <a href="">our
magic button</a>).</p></li><li><p>Click on 'Add New' in Forestry and select the
Page-Builder template.</p></li><li><p>Add and customize the available Blocks and
preview them as you go along.</p></li><li><p>Read&nbsp;<a href="">our
article</a>&nbsp;and create your own Blocks.</p></li></ol>
headline: Steps to Build a Site!
preview them as you go along.</p></li><li><p>Read <a href="">our
article</a> and create your own Blocks.</p></li></ol>
- template: simple-footer
block: footer-1
content: Hello world! ❤︎
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