Commit 152809f2 authored by Sietse Ringers's avatar Sietse Ringers
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Skip JSON serialization of some fields in session requests if they are empty

parent d08590e2
......@@ -14,15 +14,15 @@ import (
// BaseRequest contains the context and nonce for an IRMA session.
type BaseRequest struct {
Context *big.Int `json:"context"`
Nonce *big.Int `json:"nonce"`
Context *big.Int `json:"context,omitempty"`
Nonce *big.Int `json:"nonce,omitempty"`
Type Action `json:"type"`
Candidates [][]*AttributeIdentifier `json:"-"`
Choice *DisclosureChoice `json:"-"`
Ids *IrmaIdentifierSet `json:"-"`
Version *ProtocolVersion `json:"protocolVersion"`
Version *ProtocolVersion `json:"protocolVersion,omitempty"`
func (sr *BaseRequest) SetCandidates(candidates [][]*AttributeIdentifier) {
......@@ -73,14 +73,14 @@ type IssuanceRequest struct {
// Derived data
CredentialInfoList CredentialInfoList `json:",omitempty"`
RemovalCredentialInfoList CredentialInfoList
RemovalCredentialInfoList CredentialInfoList `json:",omitempty"`
// A CredentialRequest contains the attributes and metadata of a credential
// that will be issued in an IssuanceRequest.
type CredentialRequest struct {
Validity *Timestamp `json:"validity"`
KeyCounter int `json:"keyCounter"`
Validity *Timestamp `json:"validity,omitempty"`
KeyCounter int `json:"keyCounter,omitempty"`
CredentialTypeID CredentialTypeIdentifier `json:"credential"`
Attributes map[string]string `json:"attributes"`
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