Commit 28d1babc authored by Sietse Ringers's avatar Sietse Ringers

fix: configuration of irma server static sessions

parent f58cbc40
......@@ -113,6 +113,7 @@ func setFlags(cmd *cobra.Command, production bool) error {
flags.StringSlice("issue-perms", nil, issHelp)
flags.StringSlice("revoke-perms", nil, "list of credentials that all requestors may revoke")
flags.String("static-sessions", "", "preconfigured static sessions (in JSON)")
flags.Lookup("no-auth").Header = `Requestor authentication and default requestor permissions`
flags.String("revocation-settings", "", "revocation settings (in JSON)")
......@@ -259,6 +260,9 @@ func configureServer(cmd *cobra.Command) error {
if err = handleMapOrString("requestors", &conf.Requestors); err != nil {
return err
if err = handleMapOrString("static-sessions", &conf.StaticSessions); err != nil {
return err
var m map[string]*irma.RevocationSetting
if err = handleMapOrString("revocation-settings", &m); err != nil {
return err
schemes_update: 0
# Start this session by scanning with the IRMA app a QR code with the following content:
# {"irmaqr": "redirect", "u": "http://host:port/irma/session/mystaticsession"}
callbackUrl: http://localhost/ # afterwards the verifierd attributes are POSTed here
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