Commit 2a8ae22f authored by Tomas's avatar Tomas
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Make IssuanceRequest.ToDisclose() return an empty array instead of null on no disclosures.

parent 27fcab30
......@@ -201,7 +201,13 @@ func (ir *IssuanceRequest) Identifiers() *IrmaIdentifierSet {
// ToDisclose returns the attributes that must be disclosed in this issuance session.
func (ir *IssuanceRequest) ToDisclose() AttributeDisjunctionList { return ir.Disclose }
func (ir *IssuanceRequest) ToDisclose() AttributeDisjunctionList {
if ir.Disclose == nil {
return AttributeDisjunctionList{}
return ir.Disclose
// GetContext returns the context of this session.
func (ir *IssuanceRequest) GetContext() *big.Int { return ir.Context }
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