Commit 334f7f59 authored by David Venhoek's avatar David Venhoek
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Fixed UpdateSchemes to actually initialize updated variable as required by UpdateSchemeManager.

parent db2b06f4
......@@ -1245,7 +1245,11 @@ func (conf *Configuration) UpdateSchemeManager(id SchemeManagerIdentifier, downl
func (conf *Configuration) UpdateSchemes() error {
var updated IrmaIdentifierSet
updated := &IrmaIdentifierSet{
SchemeManagers: map[SchemeManagerIdentifier]struct{}{},
Issuers: map[IssuerIdentifier]struct{}{},
CredentialTypes: map[CredentialTypeIdentifier]struct{}{},
for id := range conf.SchemeManagers {
Logger.WithField("scheme", id).Info("Auto-updating scheme")
if err := conf.UpdateSchemeManager(id, &updated); err != nil {
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