Commit 3664e44d authored by Sietse Ringers's avatar Sietse Ringers
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Remove panic handler from keyshare enroll method

parent a97a065d
......@@ -664,14 +664,6 @@ func (client *Client) unenrolledSchemeManagers() []irma.SchemeManagerIdentifier
// KeyshareEnroll attempts to enroll at the keyshare server of the specified scheme manager.
func (client *Client) KeyshareEnroll(manager irma.SchemeManagerIdentifier, email *string, pin string) {
go func() {
defer func() {
if e := recover(); e != nil {
if client.handler != nil {
client.handler.EnrollmentError(manager, panicToError(e))
err := client.keyshareEnrollWorker(manager, email, pin)
if err != nil {
client.handler.EnrollmentError(manager, err)
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