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// Package irmago is work in progress on an IRMA client in Go.
//It will (de)serialize credentials from/to storage,
// and be the client (like the IRMA Android app,
// in the IRMA protocol (see
// Package irma contains generic IRMA strucs and logic of use to all IRMA participants.
// It parses irma_configuration folders to scheme managers, issuers, credential types and public keys,
// it contains various messages from the IRMA protocol, and parses IRMA metadata attributes.
package irma
// Package irmaclient implements an IRMA client, that can manage and use IRMA attributes.
// It (de)serializes them from/to storage, acts as the client in the IRMA protocol
// (see, and also in the IRMA
// keyshare protocol (see
package irmaclient
// irmameta parses and prints info about the specified metadata attribute.
package main
import (
......@@ -15,7 +16,7 @@ import (
func main() {
if len(os.Args) != 3 {
fmt.Println("Usage: irmago metadata_attribute_in_decimal path_to_irma_configuration")
fmt.Println("Usage: irmago path_to_irma_configuration metadata_attribute_in_decimal")
metaint, ok := new(big.Int).SetString(os.Args[2], 10)
// schememgr manages signatures on IRMA scheme managers.
// It can generate public-private keypairs for signing their directory structures,
// as well as creating and verifying these signatures.
package main
import ""
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