Commit 68d589ba authored by Sietse Ringers's avatar Sietse Ringers
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feat: verification functions now check that singleton credentials occur at most once

parent 1328a65d
......@@ -94,7 +94,31 @@ func (pl ProofList) VerifyProofs(configuration *Configuration, context *big.Int,
return gabi.ProofList(pl).Verify(publickeys, context, nonce, isSig, keyshareServers), nil
if !gabi.ProofList(pl).Verify(publickeys, context, nonce, isSig, keyshareServers) {
return false, nil
// Verify that any singleton credential occurs at most once in the prooflist
singletons := map[CredentialTypeIdentifier]bool{}
for _, proof := range pl {
proofd, ok := proof.(*gabi.ProofD)
if !ok {
typ := MetadataFromInt(proofd.ADisclosed[1], configuration).CredentialType()
if typ == nil {
return false, errors.New("Received unknown credential type")
if typ.IsSingleton {
if !singletons[typ.Identifier()] { // Seen for the first time
singletons[typ.Identifier()] = true
} else { // Seen for the second time
return false, nil
return true, nil
// Expired returns true if any of the contained disclosure proofs is specified at the specified time,
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