Commit 93cc39d6 authored by Leon's avatar Leon Committed by Sietse Ringers

clean up TestRemoveStorage a bit

parent 17e75815
......@@ -369,23 +369,17 @@ func TestRemoveStorage(t *testing.T) {
bucketsBefore := map[string]bool{"attrs": true, "sigs": true, "userdata": true, "logs": false} // Test storage has no logs
bucketsAfter := map[string]bool{"attrs": false, "sigs": false, "userdata": true, "logs": false} // Userdata should hold a new secret key
old_sk := *(client.secretkey)
old_sk := *client.secretkey
// Check that buckets exist
for name, before := range bucketsBefore {
if before {
for name, exists := range bucketsBefore {
require.Equal(t, exists,[]byte(name)))
require.NoError(t, client.RemoveStorage())
for name, shouldExist := range bucketsAfter {
if shouldExist {
} else {
for name, exists := range bucketsAfter {
require.Equal(t, exists,[]byte(name)))
// Check that the client has a new secret key
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