Commit b088f5b8 authored by Sietse Ringers's avatar Sietse Ringers
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Move secret key equality check in prooflist verification back to gabi

parent e7b8cc72
......@@ -83,29 +83,18 @@ func (pl ProofList) VerifyProofs(configuration *Configuration, context *big.Int,
return false, errors.New("Insufficient public keys to verify the proofs")
// If the secret key comes from a credential whose scheme manager has a keyshare server,
// then the secretkey = userpart + keysharepart.
// So, we can only expect two secret key responses to be equal if their credentials
// are both associated to either no keyshare server, or the same keyshare server.
// (We have to check this here instead of in gabi, because gabi is unaware of schemes
// and whether or not they are distributed.)
secretkeyResponses := make(map[SchemeManagerIdentifier]*big.Int)
nonKssSchemeID := NewSchemeManagerIdentifier(".") // We use this id for all schemes that don't use a kss
for i, proof := range pl {
// Compute slice to inform gabi of which proofs should be verified to share the same secret key
keyshareServers := make([]string, len(pl))
for i := range pl {
schemeID := NewIssuerIdentifier(publickeys[i].Issuer).SchemeManagerIdentifier()
if !configuration.SchemeManagers[schemeID].Distributed() {
schemeID = nonKssSchemeID
if response, contains := secretkeyResponses[schemeID]; !contains {
secretkeyResponses[schemeID] = proof.SecretKeyResponse()
keyshareServers[i] = "." // dummy value: no IRMA scheme will ever have this name
} else {
if response.Cmp(proof.SecretKeyResponse()) != 0 {
return false, nil
keyshareServers[i] = schemeID.Name()
return gabi.ProofList(pl).Verify(publickeys, context, nonce, isSig), nil
return gabi.ProofList(pl).Verify(publickeys, context, nonce, isSig, keyshareServers), nil
// Expired returns true if any of the contained disclosure proofs is specified at the specified time,
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