Commit bde25dff authored by Sietse Ringers's avatar Sietse Ringers
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Make CredentialInfo field names more consistent

Co-authored-by: Tomas's avatarConfiks <>
parent e08bc68e
......@@ -8,9 +8,9 @@ import (
// CredentialInfo contains all information of an IRMA credential.
type CredentialInfo struct {
ID string // e.g., "studentCard"
CredentialTypeID CredentialTypeIdentifier // e.g., "irma-demo.RU.studentCard"
Name string // e.g., "studentCard"
IssuerID IssuerIdentifier // e.g., "RU"
IssuerID IssuerIdentifier // e.g., "irma-demo.RU"
SchemeManagerID SchemeManagerIdentifier // e.g., "irma-demo"
Index int // This is the Index-th credential instance of this type
SignedOn Timestamp // Unix timestamp
......@@ -35,9 +35,9 @@ func NewCredentialInfo(ints []*big.Int, conf *Configuration) *CredentialInfo {
issid := id.IssuerIdentifier()
return &CredentialInfo{
CredentialTypeID: NewCredentialTypeIdentifier(id.String()),
Name: id.Name(),
IssuerID: NewIssuerIdentifier(issid.Name()),
SchemeManagerID: NewSchemeManagerIdentifier(issid.SchemeManagerIdentifier().String()),
ID: id.Name(),
IssuerID: issid,
SchemeManagerID: issid.SchemeManagerIdentifier(),
SignedOn: Timestamp(meta.SigningDate()),
Expires: Timestamp(meta.Expiry()),
Attributes: attrs.Strings(),
......@@ -68,5 +68,5 @@ func (cl CredentialInfoList) Swap(i, j int) {
// Less implements sort.Interface.
func (cl CredentialInfoList) Less(i, j int) bool {
// TODO Decide on sorting, and if it depends on a irmago.TranslatedString, allow language choosing
return strings.Compare(cl[i].Name, cl[j].Name) > 0
return strings.Compare(cl[i].ID, cl[j].ID) > 0
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