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Polish irma help messages

parent a9525a15
......@@ -30,14 +30,14 @@ import (
// genkeypairCmd represents the genkeypair command
var genkeypairCmd = &cobra.Command{
Use: "genkeypair",
Short: "Generate an IRMA issuer keypair.",
Short: "Generate an IRMA issuer keypair",
Long: `The genkeypair command generates an IRMA issuer keypair.`,
RunE: func(cmd *cobra.Command, args []string) error {
keylength, err := cmd.Flags().GetInt("keylength")
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ import (
// verifyCmd represents the verify command
var verifyCmd = &cobra.Command{
Use: "verify [irma_configuration_path]",
Use: "verify [irma_configuration]",
Short: "Verify irma_configuration folder correctness and authenticity",
Long: `The verify command parses the specified irma_configuration directory, or the current directory if not specified, and checks the signatures of the contained scheme managers.`,
Args: cobra.MaximumNArgs(1),
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