Commit ce7b345a authored by Sietse Ringers's avatar Sietse Ringers
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fix: improve unsigned files error in scheme verification ('must be called x, not x')

parent 972e2150
......@@ -327,7 +327,8 @@ func relativePath(outer string, inner string) (string, error) {
return "", errors.New("inner path is not contained in outer path")
return innerAbs[len(outerAbs)+1:], nil
// These are used as key in the scheme index, so always use forward slashes
return strings.Replace(innerAbs[len(outerAbs)+1:], string(filepath.Separator), "/", -1), nil
// PrivateKey returns the specified private key, or nil if not present in the Configuration.
......@@ -642,11 +643,10 @@ func (conf *Configuration) pathToDescription(manager *SchemeManager, path string
bts, found, err := conf.ReadAuthenticatedFile(manager, relativepath)
if !found {
for p := range manager.index {
expectedName := p[0:strings.Index(p, "/")]
return false, errors.Errorf("Folder must be called %s, not %s", expectedName, manager.ID)
if manager.index.Scheme() != manager.Identifier() {
return false, errors.Errorf("Folder must be called %s, not %s", manager.index.Scheme(), manager.ID)
return false, errors.New("")
return false, errors.Errorf("File %s not present in scheme index", relativepath)
if err != nil {
return true, err
......@@ -1008,6 +1008,13 @@ func (i SchemeManagerIndex) FromString(s string) error {
return nil
func (i SchemeManagerIndex) Scheme() SchemeManagerIdentifier {
for p := range i {
return NewSchemeManagerIdentifier(p[0:strings.Index(p, "/")])
return NewSchemeManagerIdentifier("")
// parseIndex parses the index file of the specified manager.
func (conf *Configuration) parseIndex(name string, manager *SchemeManager) (SchemeManagerIndex, error) {
path := filepath.Join(conf.Path, name, "index")
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