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* The Go package `irma` contains generic IRMA functionality such as parsing [credential and issuer definitions and public keys](, parsing [IRMA metadata attributes](, and structs representing messages of the [IRMA protocol](
* The Go package `irmaclient` is a library that serves as the client in the IRMA protocol; it can receive and disclose IRMA attributes and store and read them from storage. It also implements the [keyshare protocol]( and handles registering to keyshare servers.
* The tool `schememgr` manages signatures on IRMA [scheme managers]( it can generate public-private keypairs for signing their directory structures, as well as creating and verifying these signatures.
* The tool `irma` for generating IRMA issuer public/private keypairs, and for verifying and signing [IRMA schemes](
For example, the [IRMA mobile app]( uses `irmago`.
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