Commit e1e13459 authored by Sietse Ringers's avatar Sietse Ringers
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Require ABSes to have a timestamp

parent bbc6758d
......@@ -20,10 +20,7 @@ const (
ProofStatusInvalidTimestamp = ProofStatus("INVALID_TIMESTAMP") // Attribute-based signature had invalid timestamp
ProofStatusUnmatchedRequest = ProofStatus("UNMATCHED_REQUEST") // Proof does not correspond to a specified request
ProofStatusMissingAttributes = ProofStatus("MISSING_ATTRIBUTES") // Proof does not contain all requested attributes
// The contained attributes are currently expired, but it is not certain if they already were expired
// during creation of the attribute-based signature.
ProofStatusExpired = ProofStatus("EXPIRED")
ProofStatusExpired = ProofStatus("EXPIRED") // Attributes were expired at proof creation time (now, or according to timestamp in case of abs)
AttributeProofStatusPresent = AttributeProofStatus("PRESENT") // Attribute is disclosed and matches the value
AttributeProofStatusExtra = AttributeProofStatus("EXTRA") // Attribute is disclosed, but wasn't requested in request
......@@ -279,17 +276,8 @@ func (sm *SignedMessage) Verify(configuration *Configuration, request *Signature
t = time.Unix(sm.Timestamp.Time, 0)
if expired := pl.Expired(configuration, &t); expired {
if sm.Timestamp == nil {
// At least one of the contained attributes has currently expired. We don't know the
// creation time of the ABS so we can't ascertain that the attributes were still valid then.
// Otherwise the signature is valid.
status = ProofStatusExpired
} else {
// The ABS contains attributes that were expired at the time of creation of the ABS.
// This must not happen and in this case the signature is invalid
status = ProofStatusInvalid
return result, status, nil
// The ABS contains attributes that were expired at the time of creation of the ABS.
return result, ProofStatusExpired, nil
// All disjunctions satisfied and nothing expired, proof is valid!
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