Commit ec3366e7 authored by David Venhoek's avatar David Venhoek
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Removed non-needed check that would always succeed.

parent e42d4c0f
......@@ -368,7 +368,7 @@ func (ks *keyshareSession) GetCommitments() {
comms := &proofPCommitmentMap{}
err := transport.Post("prove/getCommitments", comms, pkids[managerID])
if err != nil {
if err.(*irma.SessionError) != nil && err.(*irma.SessionError).RemoteError != nil &&
if err.(*irma.SessionError).RemoteError != nil &&
err.(*irma.SessionError).RemoteError.Status == http.StatusForbidden && !ks.pinCheck {
// JWT may be out of date due to clock drift; request pin and try again
// (but only if we did not ask for a PIN earlier)
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