Commit ad961976 authored by Maja Reissner's avatar Maja Reissner Committed by Sietse Ringers
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Add fullname attribute to IRMATube member credential.

parent 409a01de
...@@ -45,5 +45,15 @@ ...@@ -45,5 +45,15 @@
<nl>Je lidmaatschapsnummer</nl> <nl>Je lidmaatschapsnummer</nl>
</Description> </Description>
</Attribute> </Attribute>
<Attribute id="fullname" optional="true">
<en>Full name</en>
<nl>Volledige naam</nl>
<en>Your full name</en>
<nl>Uw volledige naam</nl>
</Attributes> </Attributes>
</IssueSpecification> </IssueSpecification>
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