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Mention IP address processing in privacy policy also in English

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......@@ -100,6 +100,26 @@ three different ways.
the user is asked to first authenticate with attributes. These attributes are also
deleted immediately after usage.
The foundation also has to process the IP address of your computer or phone
in the following cases:
* You visit this website or one of the other ones of the foundation.
* You scan a QR code with your IRMA app of one of the issuers or demos
of the foundation (on desktop), or when (on mobile) the IRMA app is opened
by one of these issuers or demos.
* When, after the previous step, you receive or disclose data in the IRMA app
from or to one of the IRMA applications of the foundation.
In these cases your IP address is not stored, unless a technical error occurs.
In that case your IP address is stored for two weeks, after which it is
automatically deleted.
In addition, during the last step (the receiving or disclosing of data) your
IP address is also processed and logged by [SIDN](, a partner
of the foundation that runs the [IRMA keyshare server](/irma-explanation/#hood).
This also happens when you receive or disclose data to or from other parties than
the foundation.
The foundation publishes via its own [dashboard](/dashboard/)
how many IRMA users are registered in which country at any point in
time. This only involves the *number* of registered usernames
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