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Added iDEAL issuer (detailed explanation will follow soon)

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title: Issuance of iDEAL attributes
permalink: /issuance-ideal/
language: en
nl: /uitgifte-ideal
The detailed information about the iDEAL attributes will follow soon.
[Back](/issuance) to attribute issuance.
......@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ Attributes: given name, family name, email address, institution, staff/student,
**Attributen via the AGB-register --- issued by the foundation []( from Vektis**
Attributen: [AGB-code]( of a medical professional, for declarations etc.
<a class="button" href="">
<img src="/images/agb-code.gif">Laad attributen vanuit AGB</a>
<img src="/images/agb-code.gif">Load attributes via AGB</a>
**Attributes via iDIN**
Attributes: initials, family name, date of birth, gender, address, postal code, city
......@@ -96,6 +96,12 @@ Attributes: initials, family name, date of birth, gender, address, postal code,
<img src="/images/idin.png">Load attributes via iDIN</a>
[More information](/issuance-idin)
**Attributes via iDEAL**
Attributes: IBAN, account holder, BIC
<a class="button" href="/uitgifte/ideal">
<img src="/images/ideal.png">Load attributes via iDEAL</a>
[More information](/issuance-ideal)
**Attributes via the BIG-register --- based on iDIN data (Experimental)**
Attributes: BIG-number, date of BIG-registration, medical profession, medical specialisms
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image_fullwidth: header_poly2.png
title: Attributen via iDEAL
permalink: /uitgifte-ideal/
language: nl
en: /issuance-ideal
De informatie over de iDEAL-attributen volgt binnenkort.
[Terug](/uitgifte) naar uitgifte van attributen.
......@@ -84,6 +84,12 @@ Verkrijg: initialen, achternaam, geboortedatum, geslacht, adres, postcode, plaat
<img src="/images/idin.png">Laad attributen via iDIN</a>
[Meer informatie](/uitgifte-idin)
**Attributen via iDEAL**
Verkrijg: IBAN, rekeninghouder, BIC
<a class="button" href="/uitgifte/ideal">
<img src="/images/ideal.png">Laad attributen via iDEAL</a>
[Meer informatie](/uitgifte-ideal)
**Attributen via het BIG-register --- op basis van iDIN gegevens (uitgeschakeld)**
Verkrijg: BIG-nummer, startdatum BIG-registratie, medisch beroep, medisch specialisme
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