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......@@ -38,8 +38,37 @@ atmosphere is open and very much content-oriented.
### Upcoming IRMA meeting: Friday afternoon, March 5, 2021.
The meeting will take place via IRMA-meet. A link will be posted
here later.
The meeting will take place via IRMA-meet. A link will be posted here
later. Registration is not required. In principle, the meeting will be
recorded and video clips of the separate talks will be made available
on this page. You can participate passively, without appearing in any
recording, and anonymously. But if you actively participate, for
instance by engaging in discussions and/or switching on your camera,
you may become part of the recording. Your choice to actively
participate is taken as consent to record your participation and make
it public via the recorded video.
Meeting etiquette, for participants.
* The meeting is hosted via a special version of the authenticated
irma-meet video service. For this special version you can choose
to either reveal your official name (from the
[BRP]( or to
use a self-chosen name. In the latter case you can participate
anonymously. Please avoid choosing offensive names.
* Keep your microphone muted during the meeting, unless you wish to
ask a question or give a comment. Use the chat to communicate to
the host your wish to engage. Please be brief and to the point
in your remarks/questions.
* Also keep your video camera off, in order to minimise the
The host of the meeting may intervene, and ultimately exclude you from
the meeting, in case you do not follow this etiquette or disrupt the
meeting in any other way.
......@@ -57,23 +86,21 @@ here later.
4. 15:05 Marc De Jong (BZK), "Ontwikkelingen Digitale Overheid"
5. 15:20 Pauze
5. 15:25 Pauze
6. 15:30 Ineke van Gelder (Team Digitale Identiteit Amsterdam),
6. 15:35 Ineke van Gelder (Team Digitale Identiteit Amsterdam),
"Updates onderzoeken & next steps met IRMA in Amsterdam"
7. 15:50 Bernard van Gastel (Radboud Universiteit), "Locaal stemmen
7. 15:55 Bernard van Gastel (Radboud Universiteit), "Locaal stemmen
met IRMA"
8. 16:10 [onbevestigd]
9. 16:30 Koen de Jonge (Procolix), "IRMA-meet"
8. 16:15 Koen de Jonge (Procolix), "IRMA-meet"
10. 16:40 Sietse Ringers (SIDN), "Updates IRMA ontwikkelingen"
9. 16:35 Sietse Ringers (SIDN), "Updates IRMA ontwikkelingen"
11. 16:50 Afsluiting
10. 16:55 Afsluiting
12. 17:00 Eind
11. 17:00 Eind
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