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O. Markowitch et al., Information Security Theory and
Practice. Springer LNCS 5746, 2009, p.95-111.
### Idemix
* Jan Camenisch and Anna Lysyanskaya.
*An Efficient System for Non-transferable Anonymous Credentials
with Optional Anonymity Revocation*. In: Advances in Cryptology — EUROCRYPT
2001, B. Pfitzmann, editor, LNCS 2045, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2001.
* IBM. *Specification of the Identity Mixer Cryptographic Library (Revised version 2.3.0)*.
* Gergely Alpár. *Cryptography fact sheet about Idemix's basic proof techniques*.
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title: IRMA academic Publications
title: IRMA Academic Publications
meta_title: Publications
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This page collects, in reverse chronological order, scientific
publications about the IRMA ecosystem, mostly written by researchers
from the [Digital Security Group]( of Radboud
University, Nijmegen. The cryptographic techniques underlying IRMA
have been developed by IBM Research in Zürich, under the name
[Idemix](, short for *Identity Mixer*,
see this [brief
of the relevant parts that are used for IRMA.
University, Nijmegen. In addition, although they are not from Radboud
University's Digital Security Group, a number of publications Idemix
(the cryptographic basis of IRMA) are included at the bottom of this page.
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Op deze pagina staan (in omgekeerd chronologische volgorde) wetenschappelijke
publicaties over het IRMA ecosysteem, vooral geschreven door onderzoekers van
de [Digital Security Group]( van de Radboud universiteit,
Nijmegen. Het cryptografische fundament van IRMA is ontwikkeld door IBM
Research in Zürich, en heet [Idemix](
(een afkorting van *Identity Mixer*), zie deze
[korte samenvatting](
van de relevante delen die voor IRMA gebruikt worden.
Nijmegen. Daarnaast is onderaan deze pagina een aantal publicaties (niet
afkomstig van de Digital Security Group van de Radboud Universiteit) opgenomen
over Idemix, het cryptografische fundament van IRMA.
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