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Deze pagina beschrijft hoe IRMA gebruikt kan worden om attributen voor
bepaalde doeleinden te gebruiken. Bij ieder van de onderstaande
verschillende doeleinden te onthullen. Bij ieder van de onderstaande
knoppen wordt verdere uitleg gegeven.
Login met email adres
: <a class="button" href="">Email login</a>
Login met e-mail adres
: <a class="button" href="">E-mail login</a>
Adres opgave via automatisch invullen van velden
: <a class="button"
......@@ -10,6 +10,30 @@ translations:
nl: /demo
This page describes how IRMA can be used to disclose attributes for
different purposes. With each of the buttons below additional
information is provided.
Log in with e-mail address
: <a class="button" href="">E-mail log in</a>
Submitting address information by automatic form-filling
: <a class="button"
href="">Filling in address</a>
Verification whether someone is a student
: <a class="button"
href="">Student check</a>
Age verification
: <a class="button"
href="">18+ check</a>
Registration and verification for watching movies online
: <a class="button"
The [IRMATube demo](/demo/irmaTube) is a fictious video-streaming
service that demonstrates several aspects of IRMA. When you become
IRMATube "member" you receive membership attributes. Subsequently, you
......@@ -20,10 +20,10 @@ widget2:
# image: irma-video-youtube.png
video: <a href="#" data-reveal-id="videoModal"><img src="/images/irma-video-youtube.png" width="302" height="182" alt=""/></a>
title: New attributes
url: /issuance/
image: surfidin.png
text: After installing the IRMA app and registering at <a href="/mijnirma">MyIRMA</a> you can now obtain <a href="">iDIN</a>-attributes from your (dutch) bank, and if you are an employee or student at the Radboud University, also <a href="">Surfnet</a> attributes.
title: Check out what IRMA can do
url: /demo-en/
image: IRMATube_logo.png
text: Various demos give an impression of IRMA, for instance for revealing an e-mail address, proving that you are a student, or older than 18, for automatic form-filling, or for privacy-friendly movie-watching. All these demos come with explanations and instructions for doing them yourself.
### Privacy by Design Foundation
......@@ -36,10 +36,7 @@ non-profit spin-off.
The foundation primarily works on its [IRMA](/irma-en) system for
privacy-friendly attribute-based authentication, based on freely
available open source software. For the purpose of using IRMA, the
foundation provides an [Android
An iOS app is under development.
available open source software.
The foundation has two important operational roles in IRMA:
......@@ -36,9 +36,7 @@ non-profit spin-off.
De stichting richt zich vooral op het eigen [IRMA](/irma)
systeem voor privacy-vriendelijke attribuut-gebaseerde
authenticatie. De aanpak is gebaseerd op gratis beschikbare open
source software. Voor het gebruik van IRMA is er een eigen [Android
Een iOS app is in ontwikkeling.
source software.
De stichting heeft twee belangrijke operationele rollen met betrekking
tot IRMA.
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