Commit 3e3cdd74 authored by Jesse Heckman's avatar Jesse Heckman
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minor timing bug for auditory stimulus timings fixed

parent 945491b4
......@@ -65,8 +65,8 @@ function [block,cfg] = pb_vReadExp(cfg)
block(bn).trial(tn).stim(sn).intensity = par(4);
block(bn).trial(tn).stim(sn).onevent = par(5);
block(bn).trial(tn).stim(sn).ondelay = par(6);
block(bn).trial(tn).stim(sn).offdelay = par(5)+par(7);
block(bn).trial(tn).stim(sn).duration = par(7);
block(bn).trial(tn).stim(sn).offdelay = par(7);
block(bn).trial(tn).stim(sn).duration = par(7)-par(6);
block(bn).trial(tn).stim(sn).offevent = par(5);
case {'LED','LED1','LED2'}
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