Commit 8dc48d9e authored by Jesse Heckman's avatar Jesse Heckman

up minor fix

parent 1424b8fb
......@@ -65,7 +65,8 @@ pa_sacdet(fname); % input: *.hv output:*.hv
%% Load variables
pa_sac2mat(); % MANUALLY select! input: *.hv / output: *.mat
load(fname) % load 'XX-0001-YY-MM-DD-000n.mat --> create: Sac, Stim
load(strrep(fname,'.sphere','')) % load 'XX-0001-YY-MM-DD-000n.mat --> create: Sac, Stim
clear fn fname s;
S = pb_stim2MSstim(Stim);
[M] = pa_supersac(Sac,S);
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