Commit 3aab824b authored by Jesse Heckman's avatar Jesse Heckman

fixed setsound

parent 7aaadd82
......@@ -66,9 +66,9 @@ function [stim, cfg] = pb_vSetupTrial(stim,cfg)
sndsetup = cfg.lookup(snd(sndIdx).Z+1,2:4);
switch sndsetup(1)
case 1
maxSamples = setSound(snd(sndIdx),cfg,'RP2_1');
maxSamples = pb_vSetSound(snd(sndIdx),cfg,'RP2_1');
case 2
maxSamples = setSound(snd(sndIdx),cfg,'RP2_2');
maxSamples = pb_vSetSound(snd(sndIdx),cfg,'RP2_2');
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