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# ISQ Operation Guide
If you are new to ISQ and need access to it, please read the following guide.
### How to operate the machine
I've made a video. Its not perfect, but most of the things are covered. Bottlenecks of this video-guide are listed below. Once stable operation procedure will be developed fixed video will be recorded.
#### Video (youtube)
[![IMAGE ALT TEXT](]( "ISQ operation guide")
#### Notes (FAQ)
* Sample tray is not fully visible in the video, check the photo inset.
* Sample tray can be moved by hand when not injecting.
* Mass-range is predefined to full operational range
* keep attention to setting proper method - correct solvent and correct mode (positive/negative)
* Stay away of pollutants!!
### How to gain access
Once MS tutors will be set the procedure should be easy.
* Contact your MS tutor.
* Watch the video.
* Measure few samples with the MS tutor.
* Request MS tutor to write me (Jan) and I will grant you access for the booking system.
### Booking system
[Link to the booking system](
### Known Pollutants
* polar aprotic solvents (DMF, DMSO, HMPA..)
* buffers (TEAB ..), concentrated ionic/easily ionizable compounds (TEA, DIPEA..)
* electrolytes (TBAF, TBAPF6, ...)
* molecular sieves, microcrystalline compounds
* low-grade solvents
* concentrated samples
* plastics, plasticizers
* triphenylphosphine-oxide
### Operation procedure
* Insert your samples + blank.
* Copy the standard sample template to your folder and personalize it.
* Measure the samples.
* Evaluate the samples.
* Print / upload (in future) the outcome.
* Check that the machine is clean once you finish.
### When something goes wrong
Contact your MS tutor! If MS tutor is not around contact some other MS tutor.
### List of MS Tutors
|Name | Group |
| ----------- | ----------- |
|Morren-Sewing, C. (Claudia)| Eurostars |
|Pals, M.J. (Mathijs) | Velema/Huck |
|Crielaard, S. (Stefan) | Velema/Huck |
|Jona Merx | Boltje/Rujtes |
|Meeusen, E. (Evy) | Boltje/Rujtes |
|Yvonne Bartels | RuUMC?? |
|Bruekers, J.P.J. (Jeroen) | Nolte |
Your group not in a list? **Become a MS tutor yourself!** (PhD preferred)
### Questions/Misc
* If something is wrong in this guide feel free to contact me.
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