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......@@ -40,9 +40,17 @@ I've made a video. Its not perfect, but most of the things are covered. Bottlene
* Copy the standard sample template to your folder and personalize it.
* Measure the samples.
* Evaluate the samples.
* Print / upload (in future) the outcome.
* Print / upload the outcome.
* Check that the machine is clean once you finish.
### Network storage
Network storage is working. But uploading for network storage is manual (export either .raw, or .pdf and move it to appropriate network storage folder)
Network storage address:
** \\\\\\msspectra\\ **
The network storage serves just as a transfer station and old data will be periodically delted from this storage. It should substitute printing and USB stick. It is not intended as an ultimate research data storage!!
### When something goes wrong
Contact your MS tutor! If MS tutor is not around contact some other MS tutor.
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