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fixed chomatogram span selector.

minor redesign of readme file.
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......@@ -5,8 +5,10 @@ Prasopes is a free and open source Thermo/Finnigan .RAW spectra viewer. It is an
If running from cmdline, the first argument is taken as a spectrum file. Otherwise use File -> Open or Ctrl+O to open a spectrum.
## GUI control ##
doubleclick - reset active graph
right button selection - select timelapse in chromatogram; zoom by selection in mass spectrum
left button - panning in both
scrolling - zoom in and zoom out on x-axis
shift + scrolling - zoom in and zoom out on y-axis
* **Doubleclick** resets active graph
* **right button selection** selects timelapse in chromatogram and zoom the selection in mass spectrum
* **left button** pan on x-axis
* **scrolling** zoom on x-axis
* **shift + scrolling** zoom on y-axis
......@@ -85,17 +85,17 @@ def pick_masses(xmin, xmax, ax, an, plot):
def picktimes(xmin, xmax, mplspectrum, dataset, mplchromatogram, an, ms_s):
start_scan = 0
end_scan = -1
start_scan = None
end_scan = None
for i, j in enumerate(dataset['chromdat'][0, :]):
if j > xmin and start_scan == 0:
if j > xmin and start_scan == None:
start_scan = i
if j > xmax and end_scan == -1:
if j > xmax and end_scan == None:
end_scan = i
ms_s['x'] = dataset['masses']
ms_s['y'] = np.mean(dataset['matrix'][start_scan:end_scan], axis=0)
ms_s['y'] = np.mean(dataset['matrix'][start_scan:end_scan], axis=0)
spectrPlot(spectrum, ms['x'], ms['y'], an)
chromPlot(mplchromatogram, dataset['chromdat'][0, :], dataset['chromdat'][1, :])
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