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## Prasopes
Prasopes is a free and open source Thermo/Finnigan .RAW spectra viewer. It is an implementation example of the rawFin library. Its limitation in means of the supported format scope is defined by the current developemnt state of the rawFin library.
## Installation
Install using the command bellow. Remove --user from command if You want to
install the application into system directory.
python3 install --user
## Usage
If running from cmdline, the first argument is taken as a spectrum file. Otherwise use File -> Open or Ctrl+O to open a spectrum.
Execute as: `prasopes [<SPECTRUM_FILE_PATH>]`
The `SPECTRUM_FILE_PATH` argument is optional, it is path to file with spectrum.
Use File -> Open or Ctrl+O to open a spectrum from GUI.
For exporting a spectrum use File -> Export or Ctrl+E.
## GUI control ##
### GUI control
* **Doubleclick** resets active graph
* **right button selection** selects timelapse in chromatogram and zoom the selection in mass spectrum
* **left button** pan on x-axis
* **scrolling** zoom on x-axis
* **scrolling** zoom on x-axis
* **shift + scrolling** zoom on y-axis
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