Commit 4e944fed authored by Yan's avatar Yan
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Fixed zcetools

* zcetools got broken by previous commits to graphtools, fixed it.
parent 25b3c1ef
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ def pop_dial(zcespec, gradspect, data_set, coff_d, grad_d,
zcespec.axhline(0, color="#0000FF88", linestyle=":")
gt.pop_plot(zcespec, coff_d)
gt.pop_plot(gradspect, grad_d)
gradspect.set_ylim(bottom=gradspect.get_ylim()[1] * -0.1)
zcespec.set_title("COFF", loc="center")
......@@ -117,9 +117,9 @@ def print_graph(ds, coff, coffgrad, filename):
def dialog(parent, ds, filename, update_signal):
coff = dict(x=[0], y=[0], line=None, name="",
coff = dict(x=[0], y=[0], name="",
xlabel="Voltage (V)", ylabel="ion count")
coffgrad = dict(x=[0], y=[0], c_ymin=-0.1, line=None, name="",
coffgrad = dict(x=[0], y=[0], c_ymin=-0.1, name="",
xlabel="", ylabel="ion count gradient", gmax=None,
fwhm_x=None, fwhm_y=None, fwhm=None)
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