Commit adac2628 authored by 3Yan's avatar 3Yan
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Manual annotation - fix2

* fixed duplicities when working with multiple lines
parent 15e54c34
......@@ -292,11 +292,12 @@ def pop_plot(xdata, ydata, plot, plot_data, colornum=0, legend=None):
plot.set_ylim(plot.get_ylim()[1] * -0.01,
plot.get_ylim()[1] * 1.1)
plot.ticklabel_format(scilimits=(0, 0), axis='y')
if "texts" in plot_data:
oldtexts = plot_data['texts']
#put hardcoded annotation if there is none
if "texts" in plot_data and not any(
data in plot.get_children() for data in plot_data['texts']):
plot_data['texts'] = [plot.annotate(
a.get_text(),a.xy, picker=True, bbox=ann_bbox)
for a in oldtexts]
for a in plot_data['texts']]
if "annotation" in plot_data:
ann_spec(plot, plot_data)
if "xtics" in plot_data:
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