Commit fbfb9e08 authored by Yan's avatar Yan
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Added zero-lines to TSQ-zce view

parent f4d7ae5d
......@@ -24,6 +24,8 @@ def pop_dial(zcespec, gradspect, data_set, coff_d, grad_d,
coff_d['y'] = np.mean(data_set['matrix'], axis=0)
grad_d['x'] = coff_d['x']
grad_d['y'] = -np.gradient(coff_d['y'])
gradspect.axhline(0, color="#FF000088", linestyle=":")
zcespec.axhline(0, color="#0000FF88", linestyle=":")
gt.pop_plot(zcespec, coff_d)
gt.pop_plot(gradspect, grad_d)
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