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......@@ -26,9 +26,11 @@ In his Ph.D. thesis, \citet{MontoyaCasas2012} focuses on exact methods for solvi
They model the MSRCPSP in five different ways using mixed integer linear programming.
They use a technique called \emph{column generation} to estimate lower bounds and solve instances, both exact and heuristically.
Finally, they use \emph{recovering beam search} to solve large instances.
One of his supervisors wrote her Ph.D. thesis about solving the MSRCPSP \cite{MorineauN2006, MorineauN2007, Morineau2008}.
\item Bellenguez-Morineau and Neron
\item Artigues Book
\item Almeida, Correia, Da-Gama
\item Anabela Tereso, Monica Santos On The Multi-Mode, Multi-Skill Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem – A Software Application
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