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intro to examples section; cite Kool2017

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\todo{More examples that demonstrate the user-defined quality functions. Maybe something with fatigue, rules of engagement, location on board}
This section demonstrates our method using two examples.
The example in \cref{sec:example-conflicting-objectives} demonstrates the effect on weight on conflicting objectives, while the example in \cref{sec:example-crew-location} demonstrates how user-defined capability functions can take the location of crew members into account.
\subsection{Conflicting Objectives}
\Cref{fig:conflict-quality-makespan} illustrate the effect of weights on conflicting objectives.
This instance has six resources and 15 tasks.
......@@ -60,3 +65,10 @@ The fact that in \cref{fig:conflict7} task t12 is assigned to r2 instead of r3 i
\subsection{Crew Location}
This example demonstrates a scenario where many tasks need to be executed.
The scenario is based on an example by \citet{Kool2017}.
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