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\section{Evolutionary Algorithms}
......@@ -6,8 +6,10 @@ Our focus lies on the operation of navy ships, but the results should be general
We identify the kind of planning and scheduling problems that arise in C2, perform a literature study to put our problems in context, and implement a scheduler that satisfies the so-far identified requirements.
This paper combines known concepts of different fields and applies them to a novel variant of the resource-constraint project scheduling problem.
The fields are project scheduling, multi-criteria optimization and evolutionary algorithms.
The ultimate goal of this research is to develop methods for decision making support.
The long-term goal of this line of research is to develop methods for decision making support.
Staying ahead of hectic situations requires two sorts of skills.
On the one hand, it requires flexible and creative out-of-the-box thinking, something that humans are good at.
On the other hand, it requires keeping track of large amounts of minute details, and quick assessment of different courses of actions, something that computers are good at.
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%% Acknowledgments
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\section{Multi-Criteria Decision Making}
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Planning is the activity of determining a list of actions that leads from the current state of the world to a desirable state of the world.
Actions change the state of the world.
Scheduling is the activity of determining, given a set of actions to be executed, who executes the actions and when.
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