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......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ The meaning of such an equality is that the resource assigned to capability requ
We require that all entries in a resource affinity constraint refer to the same capability.
An assignment $A$ is a set of tuples $\tuple{t, i, r}$ that assigns a resource $r$ to every capability requirement $c_i$ of every task $t$.
An assignment $A$ is a set of tuples $\tuple{t, i, r}$, one tuple for each capability requirement of each task, that assigns resource $r$ to capability requirement $c_i$ of task $t$.
A schedule is a tuple $\tuple{A, S}$ of an assignment $A$ together with a set $S$ of start times $\tuple{t, s}$ that assigns a start time $s \in \N$ to every task $t$.
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