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The plan for this paper:
In this paper we study planning and scheduling for command and control (C2).
Our focus lies on the operation of navy ships, but the results should be general enough to be applicable to any kind of incident response or search and rescue operation.
\item Implement resource frames
\item Implement user-defined capability functions
\item Get two examples running: Bram's mission planning, tailored to the oil rig
\item Blanket search, integrated with Jurrien's ship demo
\item Explain parallel vs commutative tasks
\item Show that in our system we can have all four combinations
%\section{Future Work}
%\section{Related Work}
We identify the kind of planning and scheduling problems that arise in C2, perform a literature study to put our problems in context, and implement a scheduler that satisfies the so-far identified requirements.
%% Acknowledgments
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We would like to thank
We would like to thank \ldots
This research is funded by the Royal Netherlands Navy and TNO.
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