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terminology: basic tasks

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We do not focus on the happy flow of missions, which by design has no resource conflicts.
A \textbf{basic task} is an atomic unit of work.
Atomic means that it is not useful to divide a task into subtasks that are managed by our system.
For example, repairing a machine is a basic task.
A mechanic should to be told that a machine needs repairing, and when the best time is to start.
The mechanic can then autonomously carry out the repair, even though conceptually the repair task consists of many tiny subtasks.
There would be no benefit in letting our system manage these subtasks.
The decision which tasks are basic tasks and which can be split up into subtasks must be made on a case-by-case basis, depending on whether one expects a benefit from from our system managing the subtasks.
Lorem ipsum.
\item Task
\item Resource
\item Capability
\item Capability requirement \todo{use consistently}
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