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future work: re-planing

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\section{Future Work}
As this paper focuses on a small problem in the large area of command and control, there are many ways in which our work can be continued.
We envision our algorithm to be used during missions, when some resources are already busy executing tasks.
If new tasks must be executed, for example due to an incident that requires damage control, the running tasks should be taken into consideration.
Depending on the severity of the incident it might be better to pause some of the running tasks to free their resources, let them work on the incident, and then resume their previous tasks.
These task switches could have their own associated costs that the algorithm should try to minimize.
One way to implement this could be a measure for the distance between two schedules.
If we could calculate some sort of \emph{degree of similarity} between two schedules, it would be possible to let the algorithm compare each candidate with the currently running schedule.
Candidates that are more similar to the running schedule should be preferred.
As with all other objectives, this similarity measure should be weighted so that users can influence the algorithm to either calculate a faster but disruptive new schedule, or one that does not disrupt the current activities but takes longer, or has lower quality.
\item Re-planning: new plan should look like old plan
\item Study other population-based meta-heuristics
\item Human-in-the-loop.
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