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......@@ -157,9 +157,23 @@ Quality functions take the following parameters.
\item The \textbf{decision vector} that tells which resources are assigned to the other skills. If the helicopter is assigned as transport to Prepare transport, Bob performs badly as operator.
When we want to track a contact with a radar, the quality function can take the type of the contact and the weather into account to return the estimated tracking error in meters.
When there are several radars available, we would like to pick the one with the smallest error.
When a person has to extinguish a fire, the quality function can return the time in seconds it takes for the person to reach the room.
When Bob has to be the operator for Perform rescue, the quality function can return a unitless number 1 or 2, depending on whether he would have to operate a helicopter or a boat.
These examples illustrate that the unit of the value that a quality function returns can differ depending on the combination of task and capability requirement.
It is therefore not useful to directly compare outcomes of quality functions of different tasks with each other, only the outcomes of the same capability requirement for different resources.
Combining all assessments so that schedules can be compared is the topic of \cref{sec:mcdm}.
The result of a quality function is an \emph{objective} \todo{Fok: bedoel je hermee het doel van een taak?
Ik zou zeggen dat de uitkomst van een quality function een kwaliteit is...}.
We call the result of a quality function an \emph{objective}.
This is a general concept that tries to cover quality assessments of different units.
Some objectives are better when they are maximized, some are better when they are minimized.
An objective is therefore a number together with a label \emph{maximize} or \emph{minimize} which indicates how to optimize the objective.
Quality functions are not the only source of objectives in a C2 scheduling problem.
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