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......@@ -30,12 +30,7 @@ One of his supervisors wrote her Ph.D. thesis about solving the MSRCPSP \cite{Mo
\citet{Artigues2008} has written a book about the resource-constrained scheduling problem, which contains a chapter about the multi-skill variant.
To our knowledge, \citet{CorreiaLS2012} seem to be the first one to study solving the multi-skill variant of the RCPSP.
To the best of our knowledge, \citet{CorreiaLS2012} are the first ones to study solving the multi-skill variant of the RCPSP.
In this publication, they call it RCPSP with flexible resources.
\citet{AlmeidaCS2016} present a parallel scheduling heuristic to solve the MSRCPSP, and conduct computer experiments to validate their approach.
\item Almeida, Correia, Da-Gama
\item Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama, Isabel Correia, Bernardo Almeida, Project scheduling with flexible resources: formulation and inequalities
Recently they used a genetic algorithm to solve the MSRCPSP \cite{AlmeidaCS2018}.
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