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partial order planning

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......@@ -24,3 +24,8 @@ In order to give the scheduler leeway to find a good schedule, the plan should n
All actions that are not explicitly constrained by the partial ordering should be executable in any order, and even concurrently.
Most classical planners have as output a list of actions that are to be executed in exactly this order.
There is a line of research that is concerned with \emph{partial-order planning}, where the result of planning is a partial ordering on a set of actions.
Any linearization of the partial ordering is a \emph{valid} plan, that is a plan that leads from the start state to a goal state.
A technique for partial order planning is \emph{plan relaxation}.
Plan relaxation works by first letting a classical planner calculate a linear plan, and then removing as many of the order constraints as possible.
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