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......@@ -55,14 +55,14 @@ See \cref{sec:example-search-and-rescue} for an example.
\subsection{Scheduling for C2}
The scheduling problem that arises in C2 is a variant of the multi-skill resource-constrained project scheduling problem (MSRCPSP).
This section describes their similarity.
This section describes how they relate.
The MSRCPSP is a variant of the RCPSP, which is itself a variant of the PSP.
In the basic project scheduling problem (PSP), each task requires specific resources to be executed.
For example, the task \emph{review customer complaint} specifically requires Alice and Bob.
The goal is to find a time slot where both Alice and Bob are available.
The resource-constrained PSP (RCPSP) extends the PSP in that each task can require a quantity of one or more of a class of resources \cite{Artigues2008}.
The resource-constrained PSP (RCPSP) generalizes the PSP in that each task can require a quantity of one or more of a class of resources \cite{Artigues2008}.
Every resource can only belong to exactly one class.
For every class there is a pool of available resources.
For example, it is possible to express that the task \emph{review customer complaint} requires one PR manager and two engineers.
......@@ -72,6 +72,7 @@ In the multi-skill RCPSP, resources can belong to multiple classes, which are ca
A resource can have multiple skills, for example Bob can be a PR manager and a technical editor.
When Bob is chosen as PR manager for a task, he is also no longer available as a technical editor.
This means that resources can no longer be grouped into pools where a number describes how many resources are available in a pool.
This makes the MSRCPSP harder to solve than the RCPSP.
The MSRCPSP is almost what we want for our maritime setting, especially the direction the Dutch navy wants to pursue.
We need to extend the MSRCPSP in two ways however to make it applicable to our scenarios.
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