Commit 227be89c authored by Mart Lubbers's avatar Mart Lubbers
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Merge branch 'empty_output_channel_fix' into 'master'

Empty the output channel after sending

See merge request !2
parents 2c920646 37ca946b
......@@ -128,7 +128,9 @@ serialDeviceBackgroundTask dp enc dec accShare rw iworld
(Left err, newacc) = (Error (exception "Error while parsing"), iworld)
(Right msgs, newacc)
# (merr, iworld) = if (msgs =: [])
(Ok (), iworld)
if (s =: [])
(Ok (), iworld)
(write (r, [], False) rw iworld)
(write (r++msgs, [], False) rw iworld)
| isError merr = (liftError merr, iworld)
= write newacc accShare iworld
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