Commit 37ca946b authored by Matheus Andrade's avatar Matheus Andrade
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Empty the output channel after sending

Previously, it wasn't empting the output channel unless new messages were received. This caused multiple messages to be sent until some message was received.
parent 2c920646
......@@ -128,7 +128,9 @@ serialDeviceBackgroundTask dp enc dec accShare rw iworld
(Left err, newacc) = (Error (exception "Error while parsing"), iworld)
(Right msgs, newacc)
# (merr, iworld) = if (msgs =: [])
(Ok (), iworld)
if (s =: [])
(Ok (), iworld)
(write (r, [], False) rw iworld)
(write (r++msgs, [], False) rw iworld)
| isError merr = (liftError merr, iworld)
= write newacc accShare iworld
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