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Serial port library for [clean]( Build with `make`.
Linux and mac are fully supported. Windows support is only available at the
moment as a stub. The functions are not implemented so it will crash.
## How to use
## Builds
Builds are available for Windows and Linux [here]([cpm](
Just unzip it in `$CLEAN_HOME/lib` and add the path to your search paths in the
IDE/`cpm` or `clm`.
Linux x64, mac x64 and windows x86 and x64 supported.
Autobuilds are available for [linux x64][linux64], windows [x86][windows86] and [x64][windows64].
The autobuilds can be extracted in the lib folder on linux or the Libraries
folder on windows
## Build it yourself
### Linux and mac
Run `make install`.
Run `make`.
### Windows
Not sure, if I compile the object file with mingw it doesn't work. Cross
compiling works...
Run `make` in a mingw msys2 shell.
### Build the windows version on another OS
Install `gcc-mingw-w64` and run `DETECTED_OS=Windows CC=x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc make`
See `.gitlab-ci.yml`
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