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Changes made for arxiv submission

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......@@ -668,12 +668,6 @@ url = {},
volume = {16},
year = {2014}
author = {Smetsers, Rick and Moerman, Joshua and Jansen, David N},
file = {:Users/mark/Documents/Mendeley Desktop/Smetsers, Moerman, Jansen - 2016 - Minimal Separating Sequences for all Pairs of States.pdf:pdf},
title = {{Minimal Separating Sequences for all Pairs of States}},
year = {2016}
author = {Noordermeer, Mike},
file = {:Users/mark/Documents/Mendeley Desktop/Noordermeer - 2011 - Implementing Link-state Update Policies for Quality of Service Routing.pdf:pdf},
......@@ -909,10 +903,6 @@ doi="10.1007/978-0-387-35578-8_13"
author="Smetsers, Rick
and Moerman, Joshua
and Jansen, David N.",
editor="Dediu, Adrian-Horia
and Janou{\v{s}}ek, Jan
and Mart{\'i}n-Vide, Carlos
and Truthe, Bianca",
title="Minimal Separating Sequences for All Pairs of States",
bookTitle="Proceedings of LATA",
......@@ -41,7 +42,7 @@
\title{Complementing Model Learning with Mutation-Based Fuzzing}
\author{Rick Smetsers\inst{1} \and Joshua Moerman\inst{1} \and Mark Janssen\inst{2} \and Sicco Verwer\inst{2}}%\thanks{Supported by NWO project 628.001.009 on Learning Extended State Machines for Malware Analysis (LEMMA).}}
\tocauthor{Smetsers, Rick}
%\tocauthor{Smetsers, Rick}
\institute{Radboud University Nijmegen, \email{,} \and Delft University of Technology, \email{,}}
%TODO voor eventuele camera ready versie uitgebreide (verplichte) info in institute. Nu is dat zonde van de ruimte.
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