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RERS Challenge 2016
In this repo I collect all the stuff I used/created/... for the RERS challenge.
In this repo we collect all the stuff we used/created for the RERS challenge.
* challenge: Original files from the RERS challenge.
* description: Contains a textual description of the method(s) used.
* learning: Contains code (java) and results as produce by learnlib. All
hypotheses were stored and compressed in 7zip archives. Some problems were
done in multiple round, those have multiple archives of hypotheses.
See learning/ for some statistics on the learning process.
Please note that the current models are "off-by-one" in their input alphabet
(not in the output alphabet).
* fuzzing: Contains scripts and results as produced by afl. All fuzzing
instances (one for each of the challenge's problem) are stored in compressed
archives, so fuzzing can be resumed at a later point in time (see afl's
documentation for a how-to). Note that the binaries used for fuzzing are
different from those used for learning (as they are instrumented and use a
different function for error-handling), so be sure to use the binaries in
this directory. Most of afl's traces are post-processed and stored in
* models: The final models obtained by learning (still off by one). Also
contains NuSMV models for problems 1 - 9 (the LTL problems). These are
obtained by the scripts in postprocessing (and they don't have the off by
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